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Research Experience: Robby has over twenty years of experience leading successful research and development projects in academia and industry. Areas of application have ranged from factoring algorithms and computational linguistics to learning management systems, digital libraries, and competency management. Robby's first career was as research mathematician in the areas of real algebraic geometry and number theory. Robby has been working on applications of emerging technologies to learning, education, training, and related fields since 1995. He is currently Principle Investigator of the Competency and Skills System project ( and is contributing to research in competency-based credentialing, personalized e-books for learning, intelligent tutoring systems, and commercial applications of natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning.

Business Experience: Robby has worked in the eLearning industry as a product manager, solutions architect, and strategic consultant since 2000. He co-founded Eduworks in 2001 and, as its CEO, grew it from a two-person consultancy to a company with a distributed team of world-class software engineers and analysts, an extensive R&D portfolio, and commercial customers ranging from small organizations to Fortune 50 companies. Robby serves on the executive committee of the Willamette Angels and has held board and advisory positions in a variety of small technology businesses.

Volunteer Professional Work: Robby chaired the IEEE Learning Technology Standards Committee from 2000 - 2008, has served on the executive committee of the IEEE Computer Society Standards Activity Board for ten years, and is a member of the IEEE Standards Association Standards Board. He has also contributed to IMS Global Learning Consortium standards and is a member of the IEEE Future Directions Committee, the Learning Resource Metadta Initiative, and has served on various subcommittees of the Interservice/Interindustry Training Simultation and Education Conference.

Last Updated: January, 2017